International Conference 2013 Sharing our natural and cultural heritage: interpretation can make us citizens of the world

13 Feb

International Conference 2013

Sharing our natural and cultural heritage:
interpretation can make us citizens of the world

Saturday 15 to Tuesday 18 June 2013
at Sigtuna, Sweden

Sigtuna: what is now a thriving historic town was in ruins around 1700
We are holding our 2013 conference near Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city. Our venue will be the Folkhögskola, a college for adult education, in the historic town of Sigtuna on the shores of Lake Mälaren. There are many interesting interpretive sites in the greater Stockholm area such as Skansen, the world’s oldest open air museum, the Vasa Museum with its magnificent 16th century warship, national parks, ancient Viking settlements and much more. Here are some images…

We are looking forward to a truly global event as the conference is being organised jointly with the Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation at the Swedish Agricultural University [SLU] and the National Association for Interpretation [NAI], based in the USA.

Important notice

We have an upper limit on places for this conference. As a result, we have had to set allocations for delegates in the following categories:

  • Those based in Sweden
  • Members of Interpret Europe
  • Members of NAI
  • Those who are not in of any of the categories above (already full: waiting list started).

After your registration or paper submission we will check the availability of places and inform you within five days if all places within your category are taken and that you are on the waiting list. However, you may wish to join IE or NAI as places in those categories are still available.

Call for papers

Heritage interpretation and Citizenship

Our conference theme has been inspired by the European Year of Citizens 2013, but we will widen the scope to consider citizenship at all levels from the community to the wider world. We want to explore the ways in which interpretation of cultural and natural heritage can develop a shared sense of belonging, of ownership, of responsibility and of mutual understanding.

Local people and civic leaders unveil an interpretive panel

We shall debate how skilled interpretation of a place or site – natural or cultural – can reinforce civic values and encourage engagement by local people as well as by visitors from further away. How can interpretation help people to broaden awareness of their own and of other communities? How can interpreters promote more inclusive approaches and foster understanding of different (and even ‘conflicting’) heritage and cultures? We want to take advantage of discussing these questions among interpreters with diverse cultural backgrounds. We want you to be challenging, thought provoking and even controversial.

Presentations and workshops relating to the theme of the conference are encouraged. But there will also be time for papers about interesting developments, new approaches, research findings or project reports about interpretation in your country or internationally.

Please download the full call for papers here.

Please submit you proposal using our on-line form.



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