Calpe Conference 2012 : The Human Niche: Ecology, Behaviour and Culture in the genus Homo

27 Abr

The Gibraltar Museum, on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar, is pleased to
announce the programme for the forthcoming Calpe 2012 Conference. The
conference will be held at the John Mackintosh Hall from the 13
to the 16
September. This will be the 16
in the series and, on this occasion, will cover an
important aspect of human evolution. It has been the tradition that a major
international conference on this subject will be the Calpe conference every third year
in the programme. This year’s conference promises to be a landmark meeting in
which many of the world’s leading authorities will get together to discuss our state of
knowledge. The conference promises to turn up some new facts, some indeed from
the work being carried out in Gibraltar itself, and will have a significant bearing on
how we see ourselves and our own future.
The programme brings together leading world researchers. Among them is Professor
Ian Tattersall, Curator of Anthropology at the American Museum of Natural History in
New York, who has worked widely with primates and is a leading expert on human
fossils. Professor Richard Wrangham, who is Professor of Anthropology in Harvard
University, began his career as a researcher at Jane Goodall’s long-term Common
Chimpanzee field study in Gombe, Tanzania. He befriended fellow primatologist Dian
Fossey and assisted her in setting up her non-profit mountain gorilla conservation
organisation. Most recently, he has become associated with the hypothesis that
cooking food was a central part and catalyst in our evolution. Professor Gordon
Orians of the University of Washington is a renowned conservation biologist and
ornithologist and is Director Emeritus in the Board of the Worldwide Fund for Nature
(WWF). He has most recently been instrumental in the development of the new field
of environmental aesthetics, which will be the subject of his talk. The programme, as
has now become customary, includes Gibraltarian scientists working in the Gibraltar
Museum. The full list of speakers and the titles of their presentations is as follows:
Professor Jacques Blondel, Centre National de la
Recherche Scientifique, Montpellier, France
The Holy Grail of the niche: from amoeba to humans

Más información:–the-human-niche-ecology-behaviour-and-culture-in-the-genus-homo



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